OP Delivers is a hilarious new take on the classic 2D puzzle games we grew up with. Shaped by internet culture, OP Delivers is as addicting as it is funny.

OP must collect upvotes and dodge downvotes on his journey to collect items for some of the Internet's favorite characters. Travel through different chapters including the international space station, underwater, the south pole, the mall, East London and New York City. Meet internet famous characters such as Good Guy Greg, Scumbag Steve, Good Girl Gina, Scumbag Stacy, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Socially Awkward Penguin and many more.

A group of Redditors and Imgurians came together to create the ultimate game based on their favorite communities. The team, which has been assembled through Reddit and Imgur over the last few years, is fronted by stand-up comedian and veteran 8-year Redditor Steve Hofstetter, and consists of developers, graphic designers, and various “internet famous” contributors. 

Levels include: 
Help Bob Ross remove the angry bushes.
Help Elon Musk ruin computer games.
Help Tim Peake not screw up his space walk.

The game is updated with new levels every week, featuring whatever is on Reddit and Imgur's front pages. As new trends and memes arise, so do new levels and characters...absolutely FREE!

The development of OP Delivers started as a loose idea in July 2012 when Steve was touring the UK. Steve met Sam after a show, and they decided that it would be fun to work together on a project. After Steve returned to New York, he and Sam would Skype regularly throwing ideas back and forth, but nothing stuck. Meanwhile, Steve introduced Sam to Reddit. Sam immediately loved the site, and the concept for OP Delivers was accidentally born.